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Magic 8 Ball decides the Hair Style

Welcome to the second segment of The Magic 8 Ball Knows ALL!  This time a new hair style is chosen by the fate of the mystical, all knowing power of this novelty toy.  Will the new style stay?  Only time will tell.


Top 6 Hair Style for the Magic 8 Ball to Choose from

In case you missed it, I have started a new segment about making decisions using a Magic 8 Ball.  In the previous episode the Magic 8 ball told me to shave off my beard and I heed its every word.  The next episode is going to be my hair cut.  It may still be a few weeks away from taping but I have selected the six style that the 8 Ball will choose from.  In the spirit of the game I have chosen some that I like, and some that WILL NOT suit me.

Here they are, fell free to leave your thoughts about them and which you think will look the best or worst.

The Mullet

Think but short *Tee Hee*

Long but Shorter than I have now

Faux Hawk?


Short. Real Short!


The Magic 8 Ball has Spoken

This year I was given an 8 ball for Christmas.  Before all you powdered snow fans get too excited, I’m speaking of one of those Magic 8 Ball Fortune tellers.  You know the one, everyone knew someone that had one when we were kids.  You ask the oversized billiard replica a question, shake it, flip it and heed to its demands!  This is a project I have decided to take on.  Occasionally over the next few months I am going to rely on my 8 ball.

So for my first kick at the can, I have decided to do something with this beard of mine.  So here is what I did.  I made a list of 6 options. You may need a google account to see the link.  Then I asked the magic 8 ball one at a time which I should do.  Here is the results: