Last Saturday I got out of the project house, (thats what I’m calling my apartment now) to checked out a friends band.  Heres the deal.

The event was the 1st Annual CiTR Barn Burner fundraiser at Chapel Arts Centre.  This themed night included free food from The Whip, which was both tasty and much appreciated.  The Veggie Chilli was very popular and the pulled pork levelled of the playing field of the carnivores.  To help tie in the theme there was a projection screen upstairs with Spaghetti Westerns playing.  Even without the sound it was fun to check them out between sets.

The Venue was very cool and unique.  Recently opened, this previous Chapel and funeral home now plays host to local art and music under the simple name of Chapel Arts.  This open layout, multi-level space boasts a Billiard room, groovy sitting area and of course the Chapel performance space.  The atmosphere is inviting and full of character only added to by the many works of art hanging from its walls.  It was a great back drop for the night.

I missed the first two sets but arrived in plenty of time to hear the headliner, Minto.

Minto is five dudes from all across Canada who play what they describe as, “country tinged folk music,” and Rock N Roll.  Well it is my professional opinion that they are best described as, “Fucken Awesome!”  These guys rocked the place, possibly waking the dead that were once housed there.  The thing I like, besides the wicked beats they rocked all night, was their incredible stage presence.  They are clearly very different individuals but their differences blend to become once solid rock machine.  The harmonies mixed with a strong command of their instruments create a fun time.  I strongly encourage checking this band out.

Drunken Handyman with Minto

But now we speak of the important details of the evening, the booze.  This is a drinking blog after all.  They keep it simple at the Chapel and I like that.  Two bars to serve you, one upstairs serving just the basics.  Rye, Vodka, Gin and Rum with a small but adequate selection of mix.  It gets the job done.  Downstairs, right in the performing area is the second bar serving white or red wine and Steam Whistle Pilsner right out of the bottle.  This Toronto Brewed beer is easy to drink with no bitter after taste.  After visiting their website it turns out that its also a beer with sustainability in mind.  Their slick green bottles are made from 30% more glass making them reusable if returned and use a painted label instead of wasting paper.  They also power their brewery from renewable energy sources and use bio fuel trucks.  It’s a beer with a heart and I like that.

All and all it was a great night and with all drinks for $5 and free food it was hard to go wrong.