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FLB and Mikey’s other projects.

One of the many personal benefits to making The Drunken Handyman is having the opportunity to work with some talented movie makers and musicians.  Another is the getting drunk all the time, thats pretty awesome to.

Having FLB and Mikey come on board has been great, the fact the both bring HD cameras doesn’t hurt either.  Well we are under going some renovations here at DH and you won’t see a new full episode until the last thursday in March when we reveal our new format.  At that time FLB and his brother are working on a new theme song and opening.

But I can’t let you all forget about us so here is a Video FLB and Mikey Shot and put together for FLBs brothers band, Slush.  I’ll let FLB intro it.  Thanks for watching.

“What do you get when you add 2 fat camera guys, 4 punk rockers, 8 cases of beer, a bottle of tequila, a bottle of whiskey, a couple four wheel drives and a gorgeous afternoon in the coastal mountains? Why, you get the new Slush video of course. This one’s called “End Note”, it’s off “That’s What She Said!”. It was shot in the summer of 2010 at the launch on Mt. Mackenzie in beautiful Pemberton, BC by Mikey Williams and Me(FLB), edited by FLB, colour timed by Mikey. You’re gonna dig it, I just know it.”


Reno for the Show

Here are some thought that FLB and I were tossing around earlier tonight for a new look for the show.  Since talking with him I have expanded these ideas a little further and I will share that as well.  I hope he won’t mind.

First of, here are the challenges and problems we feel Drunken Handyman currently face.

  • Episodes are too long

Every episode is 12 minutes plus.  Nobody want to watch something that long on their computer.  Get the hook, have a laugh and move on.

  • Episodes are too far between

Episodes are released too far about.  We get some big hits after a post and then interest falls away because there isn’t another episode for 4 – 6 weeks.  Sometimes longer.  Basically there is no consistency.

  • Too much work not enough play

This relates to the first point.  In an effort to be informative as well as entertaining, but keep it short, some great stuff is falling to the edit room floor.  We get into some great drunken rants and believe me, most of your jobs are not smooth sailing, but I just can’t fit it all in.

  • Not enough drinking

This is a tough one.  It’s kind of the main idea but running a production and competing a project can be difficult enough without the added adventure of alcohol.  But this is something I am willing to work on!

  • Can not watch from an iPhone

Again, this directly relates to the first problem.  Episodes are longer then 10 minutes so they can not be posted on Youtube and that limits the availability.

So here is the new plan.  Each episode could become two.  On Thursdays we release the first part which will be FLB or whoever mixing up the drink for the next job.  The following Saturday evening, the rest of episode would air doing the job.  This could give the viewers time to pick up the ingredients needed for the drink and join in the fun.

On top of separating those elements we would also drop the standard opening, mailbag, closing and credits freeing up more time for drunken debauchery with some of that work stuff thrown in.  We would still love your emails and comments and we will respond, just not on the air.

Putting together these episodes is costly and time consuming so we would only air an episode once a month.  Say last Thursday and Saturday of the month.  In the mean time we would still have our “Tips,” segments as well as regular blog posts about projects, booze, bars and club revues as well as special event revues (as long as theres a beer garden!)

So what do you the viewers think about these changes?  Gives us your input so we can make a better show for you.

Thank you.

Jeff the Handyman

Episode 1 – Bipolar Christy

Four months in the making and our first Episode is online.  Meet Jeff the Handyman and Tony the bartender for the first time.  This show we explore fixing electrical POLARity while Tony mixes up a batch of BiPOLAR Christie’s.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think, good or bad.  You never know your thoughts could be shared in the next episode!