Jeff the Handyman:

Jeff has worked as a framer, carpenter, landscaper as well as for a general contractor as a “Do All Handyman,” including plumber, electrical, driver, ducting, concrete prep, clean up, and more.  Currently employed by the busy Vancouver  film and TV industry as a Generator Operator.

Tony the Bartender:

Tony is a musician, artist and all around fun guy.  He loves to drink and that alone qualifies him to be our bartender.  The one time commercial fishermen now finds inspiration for his art from the environment, using recycled woods and found treasures as his medium of choice.  When not creating or mixing up a themed cocktail, Tony is also employed in the Film and TV industry based in Vancouver BC.

Find out more about Tony at or check out his blog at

Tony is currently on a 1 year sabbatical in the great down under.  Until November 2011 Tony and his girl friend Colby are living abroad in Australia.  You can keep up with their adventures on their travel blog.

Have fun you two, you will be greatly missed.









Fat Leggitt Bastard

What can be said about FLB?  I don’t know yet, but I’ll get on it.

Mikey the Cameraman