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Tony, more then just a Bartender

I know this might be hard to believe, but the Drunken Handyman crew have lives outside of this Podcast.  We have dreams, friends, families and jobs.  Tony is more then just a crummy bartender, in fact he doesn’t even work in a bar.  Tony works in the bustling TV and film industry of Vancouver, currently spending most of his time pre rigging for the TV show Supernatural.

But even that does not sum him up.  Tony is an artist who finds inspiration in the environment that surounds him.  He uses mostly scavenged woods within is art works and expresses his beliefs with his painting.

Next Saturday, Sept 25th Tony will be displaying is works at “tri.fec.ta,” an art show feature not only Tony’s works, but the works of Vanessa A. Mcdonald and Simon Kierulf as well as the style and sounds of Byron Kopman and Oliver Nickels.

It promises to be an entertaining night of artistry and music.  So come on down and support our Bartender’s other half and the local art scene.

The show is at East Van Studious, 870 E. Cordova St, Vancouver BC, from 7pm till 10PM.

For more information on Tony you can check out his website or his blog.  And of course you can watch him on The Drunken Handyman.

J. Seeger


Episode 5 – Fade O’Rade

A continuation from Episode 4.  This week Jeff will change out a light switch for a dimmer switch while Tony keeps the intoxication level at an all time high.  Oh ya, Marita is there to!