BC is a HOT bed for Federal Politics

If you live in Canada you may have noticed the sudden increase in colourful signs along the streets and boulevards.  Ever wonder what these seemingly random messages are all about.  I looked into if for you and it turns out there is a federal election coming up.  On May 2, Canadians are asked to go to the polls and elect a Member of Parliament for their individual ridings, which in turn will determine who the Prime Minister of Canada shall be.  It is VERY important to exercise this democratic right.  Every year in Canada fewer and fewer people vote and most of those absentee voters are under 30.  This sends the message to Parliament that we as a people just don’t care, and if they believe we don’t care then they will continue to do what they want and leave us little people behind.  So vote.

Now who do you vote for?  I have my reasons to vote the way I do and I’m sure most of you do to, but are you having a hard time deciding?  Well let me share some insight on the subject that my help you out.  I’m not going to push my political views down your throat.  If you can’t decide I have simply come up with the most profound way to decide without using political bias in anyway.  If you have no other way to decided, go back to the days of high school and vote for the hottest!  Not every riding has a hot candidate to offer up.  If all the candidates in my home riding joined together they could form their own party.  The Sausage Party.  I have taken the time to search threw the candidates in British Columbia to find those candidates for you.  So if your riding is not listed, well I guess you’ll have to use common sense and decency to make your vote.  But if it is listed then this is your lucky day!  So here they are in no particular order, your hottest MP Candidates in British Columbia.

Sangeeta LalliLiberal Candidate for Cariboo – Prince George

This 21 year old is a fourth year Political Science Major at UBC and one of three students in that program running in this election.  Sangeeta has many family ties in the region which brought her there many times during her childhood.

During the 37th General Election of 2000, Sangeeta took part in a mock election which fired up her passion for politics.  Since that time she has been involved with the Young Liberals of Canada as well as the 2010 Women’s Connections.  She has volunteered for many Liberal leaders including Joyce Murray, Ujjal Dosanjh, Scott Brison, Bob Rae and the party leader Michael Ignatieff himself.  Outside the political arena, Sangeeta is involved in the BC Lung Cancer Foundation, WarChild Canada, and Operation Christmas Child, not to mention skydiving.

Lalli has jumped into the Lions Den, coming up against Conservative Incumbent Dick Harris who has held his seat in Parliament for 18 years.

The Liberal Party platform hinges on 5 key points.  2 of which are:

Family Care Plan– providing financial assistance through EI and tax breaks for those providing home care for sick loved ones

Early Childhood Learning and Care Fund– providing provinces with a fund to develop childcare facilities and provide educational services to young children

Sangeeta Lalli says her top three concerns for her riding are Family Care, Economic Development and Education.

The Prince George Citizen 

  Adrianne MerloGreen Party Candidate Burnaby – Douglas

Adrianne is also a finalist in Zach Bussey’s “Canadian’s Sexist Election Candidates,” List.

From a young age Adrianne wanted to be a teacher and would eventually graduate from Simon Fraser University with a degree in history.  She received her certificate and completed her practicum in Burnaby then began teaching for the Coquitlam School District.

Now married with three children, a dog and house trained bunnies, with her husband Adrianne is a business owner in Burnaby and they fix up heritage homes.  One of those homes backed onto a oil refinery and the family was forced to move due to the soot and strong smells.  This only increased her passion for environmental issue so she began volunteering with the Green Party.

Part of the Green Party’s platform is to stress that they are not a One Issue Party which includes Smart Economy and Strong Communities.

“We need political leadership that is courageous, forward thinking, and ethical. The environment is not a political issue; it is a human crisis. If you are deeply concerned for the fate of this planet you will vote for the party that is determined to make things better.” Adrianne Merlo

The Georgia Straight
Vancouver Openfile

Renee MillerLiberal Candidate for Nanaimo Alberni

This devoted mother of two was born and raised in Calgary where she graduated for the Faculty of Law at the U of C in 2005.

She is a criminal defence lawyer who has spent the past several years advocating tirelessly for the disadvantaged in Canadian society.  In 2006 Renee completed her articles in Ottawa under Federal Court of Appeal judge, Honourable Justice Karen R. Sharlow.  Later that year she was called to the Bar in Ontario and then BC.  Last year Renee completed two course at Harvard Law, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1998 and Master of Arts in English in 2002.

For the last 4 years Renee has practiced law on Vancouver Island.  When time permits, Miller enjoys back country skiing, mountain biking, playing the Cello and has supported the David Suzuki Foundation for the past decade.

Social justice, education and the arts are top on Renee’s priorities list as a candidate.  While two more of the Liberal Party’s Top five issues are:
Learning Passport– provide all post-secondary school students with $1,000 (up to $4,000) or $1,500 (up to $6,000) per year for their education

Secure Retirement Option– a new initiative to help Canadians save for their retirement

“If we want to make meaningful change in the justice system, we need to properly address rehabilitation so we can actually break the vicious cycle of criminal offences. If Canadians are serious about getting tough on crime, we need to invest in early childhood education and supporting children at-risk.” Renee Miller


Meena WongNDP Candidate for Vancouver South

“I believe the NDP is the party that best represents the families, the small business owners, and all Canadians in Vancouver South. This diverse riding deserves better representation than either the Conservatives or the Liberals can offer, which is why I am running in this federal election.”  Meena Wong

Coming to Canada from China in 1981 as an international student Meena Wong found that the country cared for its people so she stayed.  Now she wishes to make sure it remains that way.

Wong is a mental health recovery facilitator with Vancouver Coastal Health
and works with the Coalition of Progressive Electors and is on the Civic Education Society board of directors.

Wong is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin which in the riding of Vancouver South is more than an asset.

The Georgia Straight
The Georgia Straight 

Roma AhiLiberal candidate for Vancouver East

Canadian born Roma Ahi has a heritage of Israeli, Persian, Polish and Scottish.  With her actress and singing single mother, Roma was raised traveling the world. Now at 33 year old Roma moved to Vancouver from Toronto last year.

For the last seven year, Ahi has been in publishing and broadcasting with companies like Tinta Latina Magazine, Alliance Atlantis, Canwest and Shaw Media.  She now puts that on hold while focusing on her campaign against 14 year incumbent Libby Davis who has won her seat with over 50% of the vote in the last three elections.  If Roma wins the seat she will be only the third Liberal to have it in this riding since 1933.

Roma’s focus will be on affordable housing, better access to child care and critical health care services, and environmental sustainability. The final Liberal Platform plan is Green Renovation Tax Credit– help Canadians create energy efficient homes and save on home energy costs.

The Vancouver Courier

Carey PoitrasGreen Party candidate for Langley

Carey Poitras is also on the Zach Busey list of sexist candidates.

Carey, a fan of Sci-Fi novels, has lived in Langley for 25 years, growing up in Murrayville on a hobby farm, she attended Murrayville Elementary School and Graduated from Langley Secondary School.  Since a young girl, Carey has been involved with the 4H club and today one of her two sons is a member of the same club she was.

Today Carey works full time from home, which paired with being a mother has increased her desire for social responsibility in the government.  She wishes to see a government that focuses on its people and the environment to have clean drinking water and a secure food supply for our children along with access to education.  Carey aims to see legislation to end child poverty with realistic and measurable targets.

Poitras joined the Green Party eight years ago and has actively involved with the districts former candidate in his campaign.  She has worked with several social and environmental organizations as well as Fair Vote BC.

The remainder of the Green Party Platform is for True Democracy, Strong Budget and Vision Green.


Vancouver Openfile

North Shore News

So there you have it, my list of the Hottest Women running for Federal office in BC.  Remember to vote on May 2 for whatever reason.  This posting is made in good fun, but acting on your democratic right is a serious matter.  Do it before it is taken away from you.  Be herd, this is the only way your government listens.



Mudslide, The Game

After work at the day job, which is usually a night job, my friend Jen and I starting drinking a couple, “Mudslides,” from Kahlua. I then challenged her to slide one down the table for me to catch. She did and want me to return it. I did. A couple more friends arrived and some Mickey’s beer got opened and drank. This is what happened next:

FLB and Mikey’s other projects.

One of the many personal benefits to making The Drunken Handyman is having the opportunity to work with some talented movie makers and musicians.  Another is the getting drunk all the time, thats pretty awesome to.

Having FLB and Mikey come on board has been great, the fact the both bring HD cameras doesn’t hurt either.  Well we are under going some renovations here at DH and you won’t see a new full episode until the last thursday in March when we reveal our new format.  At that time FLB and his brother are working on a new theme song and opening.

But I can’t let you all forget about us so here is a Video FLB and Mikey Shot and put together for FLBs brothers band, Slush.  I’ll let FLB intro it.  Thanks for watching.

“What do you get when you add 2 fat camera guys, 4 punk rockers, 8 cases of beer, a bottle of tequila, a bottle of whiskey, a couple four wheel drives and a gorgeous afternoon in the coastal mountains? Why, you get the new Slush video of course. This one’s called “End Note”, it’s off “That’s What She Said!”. It was shot in the summer of 2010 at the launch on Mt. Mackenzie in beautiful Pemberton, BC by Mikey Williams and Me(FLB), edited by FLB, colour timed by Mikey. You’re gonna dig it, I just know it.”

Magic 8 Ball decides the Hair Style

Welcome to the second segment of The Magic 8 Ball Knows ALL!  This time a new hair style is chosen by the fate of the mystical, all knowing power of this novelty toy.  Will the new style stay?  Only time will tell.

Tony’s Music Video

As you know Tony the Bartender is on sabbatical in Australia for a year.  What could he possibly being doing with himself down there you ask?  Jobless, with all kinds of time on his hand, what does he do to keep himself sain?  This:

Top 6 Hair Style for the Magic 8 Ball to Choose from

In case you missed it, I have started a new segment about making decisions using a Magic 8 Ball.  In the previous episode the Magic 8 ball told me to shave off my beard and I heed its every word.  The next episode is going to be my hair cut.  It may still be a few weeks away from taping but I have selected the six style that the 8 Ball will choose from.  In the spirit of the game I have chosen some that I like, and some that WILL NOT suit me.

Here they are, fell free to leave your thoughts about them and which you think will look the best or worst.

The Mullet

Think but short *Tee Hee*

Long but Shorter than I have now

Faux Hawk?


Short. Real Short!


The Magic 8 Ball has Spoken

This year I was given an 8 ball for Christmas.  Before all you powdered snow fans get too excited, I’m speaking of one of those Magic 8 Ball Fortune tellers.  You know the one, everyone knew someone that had one when we were kids.  You ask the oversized billiard replica a question, shake it, flip it and heed to its demands!  This is a project I have decided to take on.  Occasionally over the next few months I am going to rely on my 8 ball.

So for my first kick at the can, I have decided to do something with this beard of mine.  So here is what I did.  I made a list of 6 options. You may need a google account to see the link.  Then I asked the magic 8 ball one at a time which I should do.  Here is the results: